Here’s another original song. This one’s a ukulele thing I’ve had written for a while. It’s pretty short and just kind of fun.


Just a short little acoustic progression I wrote. It’s rough in areas and it’s not fully developed. I feel like it needs a bridge or some kind of variety in it because it’s a little bit repetitive. It’s one of those ones that was born out of mindless playing; playing at night just to calm down, chill out. I really liked it and I said, hey, I have a fifty dollar digital recording device, I should probably record this. So voila. Enjoy.

Anonymous said: What's your favorite part about writing?

I can freely express myself any way I want. A lot of times, my thoughts and feelings don’t even make sense to me until I write them out. I write as much, if not more, for myself, than I do for others.


Well, I finally broke a hundred. That’s at least a hundred people who read my essay on The Original Winger. And that’s only the hundred who clicked “like” on the bottom of the page. There have probably been many, many more. And I just think that’s unbelievable. I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that my words have reached so many people. It’s seriously so crazy to go from an audience of three or four people reading your work to at the very least a hundred people, and potentially hundreds and even thousands. Maybe that’s getting a little bit ahead of myself, but hey, I’m just starting out. I’ll continue to work hard and write my best and put myself out there and if I get the same response again that I did this time, things will only get better.

So technically, one hundred is a multiple of ten, so I cheated a little bit in the title. The other ten I want to talk about is soccer related. That’s right, get pumped. You’re getting your first soccer post. Today is the tenth anniversary of the first Dos a Cero. For the uninitiated, that’s a reference to a famous scoreline - two to zero - that the United States has achieved over our archrivals, Mexico, several times in significant, competitive games. That first one, on a bitterly cold night in Ohio ten years ago today, was hugely significant. It was the first time we really stuck it to Mexico; sure, we’d won a game here and there over the years, especially in the late 90’s, but we’d never been consistent. Since that win, the full US national team has never lost a game to Mexico outside of Mexico - and that includes a World Cup round of 16 match in 2002 (which we won by a score of - you guessed it - 2 to 0.) Now, sure, beating Mexico routinely doesn’t make us World Cup champions. We didn’t suddenly adopt a Cruyff-era Dutch style of playing, or begin producing Pele’s left and right. But it did give us an identity. We’re now a team to be reckoned with, and as perennial powers like Spain, England and Portugal have found out, playing us is about as far from a cakewalk as is wrestling a coked up bear - naked. And to think how the US has improved in those ten years - we’ve got guys playing - and playing well - in leagues around Europe. Guys like Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan, who have made huge marks in the English Premier League; guys like Oguchi Onyewu, who put a serious beating on Zlatan Ibrahimovic; guys like Michael Bradley, who has consistently won a starting spot at every club he’s played for, at home and abroad, since he was 16; and guys like Steve Cherundolo, whose professionalism and commitment has made him the captain of his top-flight team in Germany. We’ve made huge strides as a soccer nation since that famous Dos a Cero ten years ago. It’s going to be exciting to see what the next ten bring. Hopefully a few more Dos a Ceros.


You know, there’s nothing wrong with having a vision for yourself, and working toward achieving it. Until recently, I tried suffocating my fantastic ideas by being “logical” and “realistic.” I’d try telling myself, “you’re not the only one who wants this. You’re good, but not special.” I think I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I didn’t want to create expectations of myself that I wouldn’t be able to meet. I was afraid of disappointment, so I protected myself from the mere possibility of it by hiding behind an foolish wall of “realism.” That’s changed a little bit in the past couple of days. I got published on a popular soccer website read by people across the country and around the world. I’ve experienced an outpouring of support from family and friends and even people I’ve never met. I realized that my words have an incredible power; the power to move people emotionally. And I know that’s not easy to achieve. The whole experience has given me a kind of inspiration that I haven’t felt since I was a kid who wanted to be the first simultaneous astronaut-President. You know what? I have a dream. (Pardon the blatant plagiarism, Dr. King.) There’s something I want to achieve with my life and I have all the opportunity and ability to achieve it. I’ve been blessed with loving, supportive parents, friends, and family, and a fantastic gift. It’s on me now. And I think I can do it.



Here is a little song I wrote.

My Story

Published on a nationally recognized soccer site.


Speaking of soccer, and writing, I wanted to quickly write about my dream. In a perfect world, in five or six years, I’d be watching and playing soccer, then writing about it. Writing what? Who knows. Match reports? Maybe. Player interviews? Maybe. In depth analysis of the structure of American soccer and ways to improve it from the bottom up? Maybe. There’s really no telling. I’d be happy doing any of those things. And tomorrow afternoon will see the beginning of my dream coming to fruition. I wrote an extremely personal essay about my most powerful soccer experience for my college applications a few months ago. I was extremely proud of it, and wanted to share it with anyone who wanted to read it. I’ll be getting the chance to do exactly that when the excellent crew over at TheOriginalWinger publish my essay for the American soccer public to read. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am. To be getting published on any website is cool enough, but on my favorite soccer-dedicated site of all? You’ve got to be kidding me! Tomorrow’s publication has got me dreaming big. Maybe I’m a naive 18 year old kid, but dreaming big like that is the only way I’ll give myself the chance to do what I want to do.


At the risk of sounding self-indulgent, I’ve finally decided to indulge myself and create a blog. You know, just a place for me to write. I love to write. In fact, it’s what I want to do with my life. And I guess this is pretty good practice. I’ll be writing about what interests me. There will probably be a lot of soccer on here, since I want to be a soccer writer someday. You might see something about religion or society or something equally as deep every so often. Anyway, come back and check this out once in a while and you might find something interesting! Maybe not. (But you probably will.)